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Members Department

AMIA is the Jewish Institution with the largest amount of members in the country.

The contribution made by each member is immediately transformed into help for those who need it most.


         Creating initiatives destined to strengthen ties with the current members.


         Design and carrying out of awareness and affiliation campaigns.


         Development of strategies designed to redefine the value of belonging in order to guarantee the continuity of the community.


         Increasing the number of members, in order to ensure the continuation of communal life in the country and to guarantee our unbreakable identity.


         Offer a strong sense of belonging for the members of the community.


         Constitute the link between the Member and the institution, offering all kinds of information about the activities that are run, offering special benefits, attending to peoples' anxieties and resolving peoples doubts.

In the face of increasing demand for charitable support, each new member is yet one more volunteer, who actively expresses his or her communal duty.


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