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Jewish Tours Argentina


We are a group of Jewish people, Spanish and English speaking, born and educated in Argentina.

Our main intention is to show our Jewish brothers and sisters our country and our city.

Salito, for example, was born in Buenos Aires and attended Jaim Najman Bialik Jewish School. He is active in several Jewish Organizations, in person and via the Internet, interacting with Jews from Argentina, Brazil, Peru, United States, Canada and Israel.

He visited Israel three times, for different reasons, and he always tell us that even though he doesn’t live in Israel, he feels that someday his bones will rest in our Holy land.

He spent some time in New York, where he became very fluent in English, which he practices daily in his job.

Dominique is Licensed in Communication Sciences and in Journalism.

She travelled along Israel and the United States. And work with us all the times she has available

We are most usual local providers for several travel agents around the world.

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Visite nuestro sitio/Visit our home page:

Jewish Tours Argentina