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Our tours are open to everybody, this way not only Jewish persons visits the Jewish Buenos Aires , but non - Jewish visitors, historians, students of several careers also choose the option of this tour.

During the Jewish Tours, we’ll see many Jewish Institutions and Synagogues: however the access to them is not guaranteed in any way, Jewish Tours make the appointments to be allowed inside the buildings, but the access is conditional to the final decision by the authorities of the Institution or the security guards at the time of our visit.

First rule in Jewish Tours company policy:

1) We never promise our guests something we are not absolutely sure we can give them.

In case we are allowed into an Institution or Synagogue together with our guides, we kindly ask our guests to give TZEDAKA (charitable contribution) to the Institution receive us.

Second rule in Jewish Tours company policy:

2) Tzedaka, is kindly solicited from our guests but not included in tour price.

Of course to be allowed inside any synagogue or institution, the authorities ask Jewish Tours Argentina to know precisely who will beallowed inside the building, they trust Jewish Tours.

And that’s why we ask a positive and clear identification of our guests.

This way we ask our guests their complete name and last name, valid passport and its number.

As this requirement may take a couple of days, we kindly ask our guests to book your Jewish Tour as early as possible before the tour day. We ask you to think that we are taking care of your and our own security.

Third rule in Jewish Tours company policy:

3) Positive ID from our guests is required in order to access the buildings of any Jewish Institutions.

When in any type of tour, we stop and give our guests time to have lunch or coffee break. We offer only the time, food and beverages or coffee are never included. The same applies to tips or tickets to visit any place. Tour prices include only the tour.

Fourth rule in Jewish Tours company policy:

4)Food and beverages, tips and tickets: are NOT included in the tour price and are to be paid by our guests.

How to customize your tour:

1) When a guest books a tour with Jewish Tours, we will ask them if there is any special interest that brings them to visit Buenos Aires or Jewish Buenos Aires. That is because we try to individualize our tours.

For example: if you visit Buenos Aires because years ago a relative lived in town (we have had a lot of guests from countries around the world, whose parents or grandparents arrived to Argentina before immigrating to another country), we will ask you all the information you may provide us and we will try to show you that part of Buenos Aires that is of your special interest.

Remember: Our tours are always personalized and customizable, you may add or take out any special option according to your interest.

2) You may remain at any interest point all the time you want or need, but we always end the tours on time, as you booked it, otherwise we will have to charge you for the extra time.

For example: if you ask us for a 3 hours Jewish Buenos Aires tour, and you want to stay the 3 hours at one place, it is your right, your option, and we will respect it. However, you will have to choose if you want to be back at your hotel at the original time that you asked the tour guide (with the understanding that we will not visit all the places we planned) or if you want to extend the tour (subject to tour guide availability and additional cost). Our guides will suggest the right time to stay at each place to complete all the tour stops, but it will only be a suggestion and never your obligation.

Remember: We may drive you around the city but you drive the experience you want to get out of the tour.

And finally, we kindly ask your feedback, send us your comments, feelings opinions and suggestions; we try to improve the quality of our services continuously.

Contact us: Email: or Whatsapp: +5491144101423

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