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AMIA prosecutor accuses CFK, Timerman of 'covering up' Iran's involvement in bombing
President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner speaks during a Mercosur summit
joined by Foreign Minister Héctor Timerman.
The prosecutor in charge of the AMIA bombing investigation Alberto Nisman
has filed a 300-page complaint accusing President Cristina Fernández de
Kirchner and Foreign Minister Héctor Timerman among other kirchnerite
political figures of "covering up" Iranian citizens allegedly involved in
the deadly 1994 attack.
In the document that was released today, Nisman demands a preventive embargo
of 200 million pesos on Ms. Kirchner and requests to question the President,
Mr. timerman, lawmaker of head of the pro-government organization "La
Cámpora" Andrés Larroque, members of Argentina's Intelligence Office, ex
attorney and judge Héctor Yrimia, leader of the Iranian community here Jorge
"Yussuf" Khali and political leaders Luis D'Elía and Fernando Esteche.
According to the attorney, the Kirchnerite administration planned to "erase"
Iran out from the AMIA case, deciding to "not incriminate" ex officials of
the Islamic Republic in the bombing that left 85 people and hundreds injured
almost 21 years ago with President Cristina Kirchner deciding a
"geopolitical" rapprochement with Tehran, "establishing trade relations to
mitigate the Argentine severe energy crisis, through an exchange of 'oil for
The agreement, Nisman ads, was considered "unfeasible" until the accusation
against Iranian officials remained.
"So, to clear the obstacle, and here is the criminal (aspect), the President
(Cristina Fernández de Kirchner) ordered to divert the investigation,
abandoning years of a legitimate demand of justice and sought to free the
Iranian imputed (in the case) from all suspicions, contradicting their
proved ties with the attack. She decided to fabricate 'the innocence of
Mr. Nisman continues to denounce in his presentation that Buenos Aires
carried out a what he called a "parallel communication channel" with Iran in
order to "transmit and instrument the orders ruled by the President
(Cristina Kirchner) and, in that way, reach the illicit objectives."
"This clandestine channel, that operated as a parallel diplomacy, was shaped
up by officials, ex officials and other subjects, that had no ties with the
diplomatic function, but who were closely tied with the center of power from
where the most transcendental decisions of Argentine politics emanated
Argentina signed a deal with Iran in January 2013 to to jointly probe the
1994 bombing of the AMIA Jewish community center in Buenos Aires. The so
called Memorandum of Understanding sets the creation of a Truth Commission
made up of independent legal experts neither of them from Argentina and Iran
to analyse the up-to-date evidence.

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