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Mo´seville, in the province of Santa FÚ, is the oldest of the Jewish Agricultural Colonies in Argentina. It was founded by Russian immigrants in 1890, before the establishment of the Jewish Colonization Association, but was reorganized by that association in 1891. Including the estates of Virginia and Santa Elena, Mo´seville embraces nearly 60,000 acres (24,000 hectares), of which 22,500 acres are occupied by colonists. Although it has passed through several grave crises, Mo´seville is the most successful of the Argentine colonies. Its success is attributable (1) to the fact that the colonists had time to gain the experience they needed, and (2) to the aid accorded them by the Jewish Colonization Association by the creation of lucerne fields. These fields not only favor the rearing of cattle, but yield forage which finds a ready market in the more northerly portions of Argentina, where fodder is often scarce. The colony is equi-distant from the two railway stations of Palacios and Mo´seville, which are connected by a good road, affording ample facilities for the transportation of crops to the markets. Mo´seville has become a center for the purchase of provisions by neighboring colonists, many Italian settlers resorting to it for this purpose.


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