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The colony contains 81 colonists, representing a total of 168 families and 825 persons. These families live in 130 brick houses, nearly all of which are surrounded by groves of fruit-trees and gardens planted by the colonists. According to the colony's report for 1899, it appears that in 1898 the area tilled was 20,574 acres (8,300 hectares), divided up as follows: wheat, 11,699; flax, 4,961; lucerne, 3,337; rye, 77; vegetables, 500. Yielding, as they do, six crops a year, the lucerne fields occupy an important place in the agricultural economy of the colony, and their cultivation has made it possible to establish a butter and cheese factory, to which the colonists sell their milk. This factory is conducted as a private enterprise by individuals not connected with the colony, the land, buildings, and a small bounty having been obtained by them from the Jewish Colonization Association. Some colonists sell from 1,800 to 1,900 quarts of milk a month to the factory. About 1,400 head of cattle, including 786 plow-oxen, have been placed at the disposal of the colonists by the Jewish Colonization Association; and in addition to these, many colonists have bought cows of their own. Mo´seville contains a synagogue, a school, a pharmacy, and a communal bath. In the school 63 boys and 60 girls are taught. At present (1900) the facilities for education in other parts of the colony are inadequate, and two more schools are to be established shortly.


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