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Tragedy, Indifference and Hope

Food for thought at the gates of the new millennium

   The last century has been both the bloodiest and the most promising period in Jewish history. The following article attempts to strike a balance between both sides of the coin, and reflects upon what will be the likely trends characterizing the Jewish people in this new millennium.

The sands of time have run out-the new millennium is upon us, and the late 20th century, born in the certainty of absolutist ideologies and messianic hope, has gone out with a whimper, not a bang. The legacy which it has bequeathed us is a bewildering one. If the Jewish people, for whom the span of time marked by the Gregorian calendar-2000 years, is less than half of its written history, dared to really take stock and analyze the seminal events which have shaped its destiny over the last hundred years, we would see:

Without negating the importance of other developments, we will concentrate on the general outline of the Jewish experience as manifested by the above mentioned outline.


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