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The Establishment of the Jewish Agency and Expansion of the Yishuv


November 9
Kristalnacht (Night of Broken Glass) in Germany. Hundreds of synagogues are destroyed, and thousands of Jews are arrested and businesses damaged. Jewish emigration from Germany intensifies and some make aliyah to Eretz Israel.

On the same day, the Woodhead Commission publishes its report: it supports the Peel proposal regarding partition, but suggests establishing a small Jewish state on the coastal plain.

In 1930, 250 Jews are killed in Arab terror attacks. Etzel asserts that only active retaliation will deter the Arabs. This is in contradiction to the instructions of the Yishuv leadership that favors targeted retaliatory attacks against Arab terrorists.

"Illegal" immigration to Palestine, organized by the Revisionist movement, the Hagana and private initiatives, gains momentum.



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