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The Establishment of the Jewish Agency and Expansion of the Yishuv

In the 1930s, the Nazi danger began to constitute a threat to German Jewry in particular and European Jewry in general. Adolph Hitler, a fanatical and racist leader, turned the Nazi party in Germany into a ruling party that from 1933 on operated an extreme anti-Jewish policy. At first thousands, later hundreds of thousands of German Jews and Jews from neighboring countries, wished to leave Europe, but no country was willing to take them in. Only tiny Palestine and its Jewish Yishuv were willing to open their gates to them. The British will be remembered favorably for enabling the mass aliyah of Jews to Palestine at this time, until, due to Arab pressure, they relented. This resulted in the phenomenon of the "illegal" aliyah (ha'apala) of Jews to Palestine. The Zionist leadership had to maneuver between cooperating with the British and fighting them, while attempting to negotiate with the Arabs in order to curb their terror; and all this while internal struggles in the Jewish world and in Eretz Israel were taking place.



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