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The Struggle for the Establishment of the State of Israel

The three years between 1945 and 1948 were the most turbulent the World Zionist Organization and Jewish Yishuv had ever known in Eretz Israel. In these years an intense struggle on several levels was being conducted against the British, who ruled Palestine at that time: armed struggle, clandestine immigration, settlement in remote places, mostly without permission from the British, and political and diplomatic activity throughout the world. Even though the government in London changed in the summer of 1945 with the rise to power of the Labor party, which had previously expressed strong support for Zionist aspirations, things did not change for the better. On the contrary, the new government toughened its White Paper policy and revealed a clear anti-Zionist stand. The entire Yishuv went into battle against the British and the three underground movements established an umbrella organization, the Hebrew Resistance Movement, that operated for some nine months. This struggle remained front-page news in newspapers throughout the world for many long months.



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