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Veteran Canadian Broadcasting Company (CBC) foreign correspondent Neil Macdonald tells of an incident in Nablus (Shechem) where he was surrounded by  a group of young Arab rioters who suspected the journalist and his crew were Israeli undercover forces.  “I’m a 6’6” WASP,” Macdonald says. But the gang persisted even after his Palestinian fixer vouched for his journalistic credentials.  Demonstrating his close ties with local Arab leaders, Macdonald called a Nablus politician who sent someone from his office “to make them disappear.” A similar  event occurred a few weeks later in El Khader, a known Hamas stronghold, where “10,000 very angry people” were attending a funeral.  “The Fatah activists were getting pretty nervous and aggressive and kept on asking ‘who are you?” Macdonald recounts.


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