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The Hopes, Achievements and Crises


The crisis in the Jewish Yishuv continues and aliyah is at a low ebb. From the spring, however, a change begins to take place as thousands of olim pour into Palestine in what will later be called the Fourth Aliyah. Most of the olim arrive from Poland due to the harsh economic measures imposed on Jews by the Polish prime minister and minister of finance, Wladislaw Grabski. For this reason, the Fourth Aliyah is also known as the Grabski Aliyah. Another reason for increased aliyah is the implementation in the United States of restricted entry of emigrants from Eastern Europe, leaving Palestine almost the only option.

In 1924, 14,000 Jews make aliyah - as opposed to 8,000 the previous year - a record since the First Aliyah. Many of the olim make their way to burgeoning Tel Aviv.


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