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The Hopes, Achievements and Crises


David Ben-Gurion, who spent the last year in London as an envoy of Ahdut Avoda, returns to Palestine and is appointed a member of the secretariat of the Actions Committee (Va'ad HaPo'el) of the General Federation of Labor, and the Federation's secretary-general (a position he holds until 1935).

In 1921, large areas of the Jezreel Valley are acquired by the Palestine Land Development Company of the WZO. A protracted argument takes place within the institutions - whether to purchase quality land while money is short or consider buying cheaper land. This prompts Menahem Ussishkin to make his famous remark - that if the purchase had been considered costly, he and Ruppin would have been called poor businessmen, but if they had not bought the land at all, they would have been called criminals.


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