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Dov Gruner was one of the men hung on April 16, 1947. In a letter to Menachem Begin he wrote:


“Of course I want to live. Who does not? But if I am sorry I’m about to “finish” it is mainly because I did not manage to do enough. I too could have let the future fend for itself - taken the job I was promised or left the country and lived securely in America. But that would not have given me satisfaction as a Jew and certainly not as a Zionist....That should be the way of the Jewish people in these days, to stand up for what is ours and be ready for battle even if in some instances it leads to the gallows. I write these lines 48 hours before the time fixed by our oppressors to carry out their murder and at such moments one does not lie. I swear that if I had the choice of starting again I would choose the same road, regardless of the possible consequences to me.”


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