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How can we bring the love that joins a couple into a religious ceremony? How can we bring together the message from the Israel´s tradition to those who join in marriage with the message that each couple speaks from its singularity?

The answer to these questions implies some work with each couple done by meetings that allow us to create links. This leads us to translate the essence of the relationship into a ceremony. And we get prepared for a relationship that is a potence at the beginning: the future marriage to Community.

We have the expectations that the couple feels in our house as at home, so it becomes in their space for communitarian life.

Within the frame of the life cycle, it means give thanks for the opportunity that human beings have few times in our lifes: providing a little bit of our heart to others. We call this link love. And we tank for it.

The ceremony recovers the Histoy of the Temple and the youth of the project, and the prepared ceremony. This is done by several meetings and activities whose purpose is to accompany the couple in the variety of changes that marital life implies, and its involvement in communitarian life. This is not always taken into account, starting by the fact that a change of status, even in couples already living together, involves a personal recognition and assumption that love experience means more than two people, and that their bondage to community implies the desire to love a family: a moment of trascendence in the relationship between two.

Guiur - A process of personal development

What is converting?

Our patriarch Abraham was the first one from whom we learnt that Judaism is a path of choices that moves us, emotionalyy and with others from our orginal place. He was the first one that lived himself a personal transformation- his own convertion to Judaism. Through his choice, Abraham seeded light for those who wanted to join the task of building and believing in Community. Ever since, the path is open for all those who see an option on it for their own lives. We propose this spirit of continuity with our tradition through the space of Guiur (Convertion). This is the starting point of a path that allows us to pact with the Community the committment of changing it with good deeds that lead to growth and development.

This space is set in our own Great Temple, aware of the eagerness for more spirituality and meaning for our lives in this era, and specially for the Community of the neighbourhood (Once). Eagerness of those looking forward to follow the same path that our patriarch Abraham walked thousands of years back.

What is the process like?

Getting ready for it implies an initiation through an interview with our Rabbi, in which the candidates is given a warm welcome to this spiritual process, they talk about personal motivations for their decision, and a recommendation is made to the Department of Guiur Coordination, whose office is in the CIRa building (Congregación Israelita de la República Argentina), in 769 Libertad St.

There takes place double-sided participation: religious services in our community Fridays and Saturdays and, besides, weekly meetings in the CIRA. Since then, the process of collective work is started based on contents, but sustained and approved by communitarians practices. Guiur is celebrated when the process of meditation and reflection that gave birth to Guiur is completed.

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