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Institutions such as these, born out of immigration, are part of an effort to build a community in a new context that is not always friendly, but always in hope. This same spirit gave rise to Talmud Torah, the only kind of religious school that existed in the Jewish Community at the time, founded by Simón Isaac Tenenboim in 1894 and located at Viamonte 1466. Through this institution, Jewish immigrants intended to extend the educational model they had been raised with. The first President of the institution was Mr. Efraim Rosenzvit. The headquarters were later relocated to Lavalle 1958. Although it was indeed the only one during many years, its designation as "First" ("Harishono" in Yiddish) was created to set it apart from others when this type of organization started flourishing. This was the first all-inclusive institution in the country. Later there was a new relocation to Lavalle 1747, together with the Mikve (ritual bath) of the Community. David Isaac Maler became the Rabbi in 1923, a year after his arrival from the USSR, and held his position until his death in 1949. He also founded and directed the Rabbinate of AMIA (Asociación Mutual Israelita Argentina). He was succeeded by Rabbi Amram Blum until 1970, and also in the Rabbinate of AMIA since 1953: he is a significant figure in Argentine Jewry, especially due to his relationship with Juan Domingo Perón, the most important political presence in the country between the 40's and 70's. In 1927, during the administration of Mr. Boris Rotblat, the Talmud Torah was merged with Dr. Hertzl school in the Asociación Israelita de Beneficencia y Culto. The building of Gran Templo took place between 1924 and 1929, including the headquarters for the educational institution in the basement. The works enjoyed the valuable support of Boris Garfunkel, who was also a cornerstone of the Jewish community as a whole for his commitment and support to all projects.

Extracted from an article by Dr. Horacio G. Rosenfeld in a brochure published by Gran Templo Paso marking its centennial in 1995.

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