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In Argentina, the world's eighth largest country, lives the beauty of Buenos Aires, where at every turn, lush foliage, tropical breezes, culture and adventure await. With its eclectic array of towns and districts, Buenos Aires is sure to suit all tastes and interests.

Step inside the diverse array of shops, antique stores and open-air flea markets along the cobblestone streets of old, picturesque San Telmo. Pay a visit to Recoletta, the most fashionable, lively place in all of Buenos Aires. Enjoy culture, architecture and the legendary nightlife at elegant restaurants and bustling clubs. Recoletta is also home to the tomb of Eva "Evita" Peron and other historic sites. Take a guided tour of the Teatro Colon a world-famous opera house, host to such celebrated talents as Toscanini, Pavarotti, Caruso and Stravinsky.

On the Argentinean side of the Iguazu National Park is the lush tropical basin of the Devil's Gorge and the magnificent falls. Beautiful flowers, trees, exotic birds and other wonders of nature are yours to enjoy. Sail along the snake-like pathways to the underside of the falls. On the Brazilian side of the Park you'll find the rugged Iguazu Canyon with its own breathtaking views of the falls. For a change of pace, perhaps take an evening stroll and treat yourself to dinner at a typical Brazilian restaurant.

In neighboring La Boca, birthplace of the Tango, take a peek at the work of local artists on the famous Caminito Street and at the colorful assortment of houses with Scandinavian influences.



Argentina is home to the largest Jewish community in Latin America, with more than 250,000 members, with 200,000 in Buenos Aires alone. Despite its size, the community is shrinking, due in part to the emigration of its younger population to other countries. Most Jews here are Ashkenazi and a smaller percentage, Sephardic. Throughout different periods in history, Argentina's Jews have enjoyed peaceful co-existence, but have also had turns facing fierce anti-semitism.

The Jewish community is active in all realms of society -- politics, religion, education, arts, media, film and music -- and many of its members are prominent figures in these fields. There are dozens of educational institutions, social groups and sports clubs within the community. Most synagogues here are traditional, with orthodox synagogues outnumbering conservative and reform houses of worship.

In Buenos Aires, the heart of Jewish life can be found in Once (Onsay), site of one of its more prominent synagogues, Yesod Hadat. Once is also home to Argentina's oldest synagogue, Congregacion Israelita de la Republica Argentina. Another source of pride for the community is its Jewish cultural center, which features concerts, lectures and a high school.

As in other countries around the world, the Joint Distribution Committee (JDC) and the Jewish Agency for Israel (JAFI) train young community leaders to operate local organizations and manage the upkeep of the community at large. These agencies also provide aid to local business owners and synagogues when necessary. Other organizations within the community include AMIA, the Argentinean Kehila, DAIA, the representative political umbrella organization for the local Jewish community and the Vaad Hakehilot, Argentina's federation of small Jewish communities.

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