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Individual Farmsteads in the Negev

A Return Visit to Individual Farmsteads in the Negev

“Naot Farm”

Gadi Nachimov, 42, parted from Shimon Peres with a firm handshake and settled down to tell about the first two years in the desert: “We were always a complex family. When we reached the age of 40, as members of Moshav Kfar Arif, we had to decide whether we should realize the dream of settling in the desert or whether we should erase it from our wish list.  We decided to act on it.”


Within two years of moving to the site on the road to Sde Boqer and Mitzpeh Ramon, Gadi Nachimov built a temporary goat pen and dairy which produces excellent cheeses with the whole milk output of the herd.  At the same time, he has managed to build two enchanting guestrooms, a total contrast to the pair of caravans in which the family still lives.  “We are still on the waiting list for aid and impatiently wait for KKL-JNF.  We need basic infrastructure - both a decent access road and construction of a permanent goat pen. Whatever we have at present, we built with our own hands, with encouragement being the goodwill shown by various authorities.  I hope this encouragement will very soon be translated into action.”


Gadi thinks in KKL terminology. “I have also spoken with KKL-JNF about planting a grove of trees along the boundary of the area and about restoring ancient terraces so that fruit trees can be planted as a part of the agro-tourism venture.  I don’t know any other way except to move forward, all the time.”

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