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Keren Kayameth LeIsrael - Jewish National Fund's
Vision in Green

The historic goals of Keren Kayament LeIsrael - Jewish National Fund (KKL-JNF) are to develop the land of Israel, to improve environmental quality and to nurture Zionist values for and on behalf of the Jewish People.

The challenges facing KKL-JNF as it embarks on its second century are:

  1. To uphold the principle of national ownership of the land belonging to the Jewish People over the generations as the basis for developing Israel's land and landscapes.
  2. To plant forests, create parks and recreation areas and transform rocky hills and wasteland into blossoming, green country.
  3. To restore life to Israel's rivers and make them visitor hubs lush with flora and fauna.
  4. To improve the quality of life and of the environment and to protect open spaces and forestlands.
  5. To strengthen settlement in Galilee, roll back the desert, create green in the Negev and sustain southern communities by preparing the land infrastructure for sophisticated agriculture, orchards and fishponds.
  6. To assist the national water economy by building reservoirs and dams to harvest and store rainwater and recycled wastes for irrigation.
  7. To strengthen the bond of youth and adults in Israel and the diaspora with the homeland and its landscapes via education and information in schools, forests and informal frameworks, and to preserve historic sites for educational purposes.
  8. To foster a public cherishing of forests, parks and KKL-JNF sites, which are developed in response to the growing demand for outdoor recreation opportunities as population density increases.
  9. To cultivate natural woodlands and rangelands, and improve the landscape along the country's roads and at abandoned quarry sites.
  10. To act in a spirit of cooperation and respect the national importance of developing the land and environmental quality for the public at large and generations to come.

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