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The 1960’s
1961. Minister of Education Abba Eban and the Israel Council for Higher Education grant recognition to Bar-Ilan. Prof. Baruch Kurtzweil, a scholar of literature, determinedly lead Bar-Ilan's struggle for academic accreditation.
1966. Bar-Ilan grows to 2,000 students and 360 faculty. Bar- Ilan becomes the first Israeli university to be granted a charter of academic recognition by American authorities (New York State).
1967. Large-scale aliyah after the Six Day War brought waves of new immigrants to Bar-Ilan, swelling the student body to over 5,000. Prof. Moshe Jammer, an internationally acclaimed philosopher of science, became Rector and acting President. Academic advancement in the university’s second and third decades established Bar-Ilan as the third largest academic institution in Israel.

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