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Activity Report: October 2002 to Present

The following is a brief summary of the Center's activities: 


A. International Conferences

The first conference on "Global Terrorism" was held at the Waldorf Astoria Hotel in New York on 6th April, 2003 and was attended by some 200 delegates from 28 countries. 


"The Road Map for the Middle East" conference took place at Netanya College on 23rd June, 2003.  With the participation of 1000 experts, scholars and former heads of state, we explored the risks and chances of peace in the Middle East following the Iraq war, prior to the implementation of the road map.


On 4th March 2004, in Nicosia , Cyprus , we held a round table on " Cyprus The Day After" with participants from the disputing factions on the Island and Strategic Dialogue experts.  Aimed at strengthening internal dialogue, the round table was held on the eve of the referendum on UN General Secretary Kofi Annan's plan.


Europe and the Middle East - A conference was held at the National Assembly in Paris . Panels of representatives from Europe and the Middle East deliberated on the complicated and problematic relations between Europe and the Middle East and sought to investigate solutions to this detrimental situation.


Organized in partnership with the Yitzhak Rabin Center , the Center held an international conference entitled "Peace Dream of Vision: A decade since the assassination of Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin". This conference perpetuated and honored the memory of the late Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin, who was so tragically assassinated in 1995.  An international undertaking, the event took place in November 2005 to correspond with the ten-year anniversary of his assassination.  The historic gathering included world leaders from four continents who were connected to the peace efforts of Yitzhak Rabin.


The conference entitled "The Challenges of Hamas", held in April, 2006, was the first organized discussion in the State of Israel to address the pressing issue of Hamas' rise to power, just over a month after the Hamas government was sworn in. This conference represented an historic gathering of Israeli, Jordanian, Palestinian and American academics, economic and security experts, and former political leaders to discuss the ramifications and challenges of the election of Hamas to the Palestinian Authority parliament. 



B. Event Participation

In September 2004 experts from the center participated in a conference held in conjunction with the University of Oklahoma in Denver, Colorado on the subject; "How to build trust in the Middle East".


Earlier in the year, a conference titled "Palestinians, Egyptians, Israelis and Jordanians combined Cooperation or Economic division" took place at Netanya College where the issue of water and general collaboration was debated on by experts from Israel , Egypt , Jordan and the Palestinian Authority.


In January 2005, the center's Directors addressed the Three Cultures Foundation conference in Seville , titled "What Went Wrong".


C. Position Papers

The center has prepared several position papers highly acclaimed by experts and academics, which have been distributed to policy shapers throughout the world.


D. Ties and Cooperation with other Research Centers Cooperation agreements have been reached with the following centers:

The Conflict Resolution Center , Uppsala , Sweden (Prof. Peter Wallenstein).

The Center for Peace and Development, Jordan (Gen. Mansour Abi Rashid).

The Center for Peace and Conflict Resolution, University of Oklahoma USA (Amb. Corr).

The "Pasiya" Palestinian Research Institute, Jerusalem (Dr. Ma'di Abdel Hadi).


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