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Sorry for the delay in my reply . . . I just slipped up!

We certainly welcome the opportunity to provide feedback and to offer our sincere thanks for the wonderful afternoon we spent with our guide!

His personal approach combined with his knowledge of and experience in Buenos Aries was beyond our expectations! The itinerary that was planned, with a combination of several drives and personally escorted walks through the city, provided us with an experience that we will never forget. As a result of our time with him, we returned in the next few days to many of the places in order to experience more! Many warm memories keep returning for the four of us and we speak often of the value of our visit with you. We do not recall ever saying that we wished you had done things differently for us, only that we should have spent an entire day. A very heartfelt Thank-you!

Please feel free to use any or al of our comments.

David, Colleen, Mike and Terry


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