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Modern Jewish Buenos Aires (4 hours)

These tours give our guests a view of today Jewish community in Buenos Aires. Visit the New Jewish Buenos Aires area, visit the monument to Raoul Wallenberg located at one the beautiest park in the city, learn about this interesting character and his life.

Then walk around the Belgrano neighborhood that offers beautiful tree-lined streets and sophisticated flats. See the Latin American Rabbinic Seminary, the only school in Latin America that offers professional teaching for Conservative Rabbis, Hazzans (Liturgical singers) and Mohels (Liturgical surgeons). The building itself is beautiful and the synagogues and Jewish schools in the area are quite interesting.

See the newest Synagogue build in the 2000's, the Bet El Synagogue and Jewish school where Conservative movement started in Buenos Aires in the 60's.

Conclude the tour with a visit to the Villa Crespo neighborhood, an authentic Jewish area that also has a history of Argentine Tango. The town's splendid synagogues and very active Jewish schools give us a view of the Jewish Buenos Aires. (Villa Crespo visit is conditional to end our tour on time at your hotel)


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