Buenos Aires city tour (4 Hours)

Welcome to Buenos Aires!

The city of the Tango, theatres and “cafes” (coffee shops), makes it a cultural and arts center of its own.

This tour shows us the most traditional places in town, Plaza de Mayo offers us the “Casa Rosada” (or pink house, the house of the national government), the “Cabildo”, the magnificent Cathedral, the house of city government and the Mayo Pyramid, a monument which remembers the Mayo Revolution, when the country became independent from Spain. A small walk over the Mayo Avenue shows us the place where the pedestrian Florida Street starts, its beautiful architecture and the stores for every need. Two blocks away the “Cafe Tortoni” bring us back to another time in this city, meeting place to artists and tango people.

We see the National Congress Building. Soon San Telmo

receive us, a traditional neighborhood of Buenos Aires, we see Plaza Dorrego (housing a very interesting flea market on Sundays) where the first population from the old town lived, very close to Plaza de Mayo.

   The antique shops, the streets made of stones that modern pavement hasn’t’ touched, and the coffee shops are something that deserves a visit.

Finally we arrive to La Boca, its houses fully painted in all the colors, the ships at the old piers and “Caminito” the old Street of many tangos,the local craft shows and fairs,

 and the couples dancing a tango in the middle of the street…why not take a picture with the dancers for memory’s sake?                 We visit “Avenida 9 de Julio” one of the city’s main Avenues, the Colon theatre, first lyric theatre at the southern hemisphere, and the famous “Obelisco” monument, where we are at the center of the city of Buenos Aires.

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