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Authentic historical insight to Zionism

The first Basle Congress of Zionists.

The hypothesis upon which political Zionism is based is that there is a Jewish nation. It is just this which is denied by the assimilated Jews and by the unspiritual, unctuous Rabbis. Herzl recognised that the first task that he had to perform was to organise a manifestation which in modern tangible form should present to the eyes of the world and of the Jewish people the fact of its national existence. He convened a Zionist Congress, which, despite the most furious hostility and the most un­scrupulous violence, assembled for the first time in Basle at the end of August 1897, and consisted of 204 elected repre­sentatives of the Zionist thinking Jews of both hemispheres.


The Basle Programme.

The First Zionist Congress solemnly pro­claimed in the sight of the listening world that the Jews are a nation, and that they have no wish to be merged among the other nations. It registered a vow to labour for the redemption of that portion of the Jewish people which is denied all rights and languishes in undeserved misery, and to prepare for it a brighter future. It formulated its endeavours in the fol­lowing programme, which was carried with unanimity amid the utmost enthusiasm:

"The aim of Zionism is to create for the Jewish people a publicly recognised legally secured Home in Palestine.

In order to attain this object, the Congress adopts the following means:

1.           To promote tine settlement in Palestine of Jewish agriculturists, handicraftsmen, industrialists, and men following professions.

2.           To centralize the Jewish people by means of general institutions agreeably to the laws of the land.

3.           To strengthen Jewish sentiment and national self-consciousness.

4.           To obtain the sanction of governments necessary for carrying out the object of Zionism."

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