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The Establishment of the Jewish Agency and Expansion of the Yishuv


August 21 - September 4
The Eighteenth Zionist Congress convenes in Prague in the shadow of Hitler's rise to power. The Labor movement, which wins the election by a near decisive majority, forms the coalition in the Zionist Executive. Dr. Arthur Ruppin is elected chairman and Moshe (Shertok) Sharett becomes head of the Political Department. Secretary of the Histadrut (the General Federation of Labor), David Ben-Gurion, is elected a member of the Executive, and Nahum Sokolow is elected for a second term as president of the WZO. In 1933 aliyah reaches a peak: the number of Jewish immigrants to Palestine, 37,000, is more than in the entire four-year period of the Third Aliyah; 21 new settlements are set up.

In this year, Youth Aliyah is formally established. At its head is Henrietta Szold, one of the leaders of American Zionism, who made aliyah in 1920. In the same year, the transfer agreement with the German government is implemented, enabling German Jews making aliyah, to transfer their money to Palestine.

In 1933, the moshavim movement is established. This unifies the moshavei haovdim (workers moshavim) and the bodies that will establish new moshavim.



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