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The Establishment of the Jewish Agency and Expansion of the Yishuv

Dr. Chaim Weizmann, who was associated more than any other Zionist leader with Britain, resigned from his position as WZO president after the mandatory authority withdrew from its commitments (the White Paper of 1930). Even though he achieved his aim and the government in London gave its assurance once again, the Seventeenth Zionist Congress (1931) did not re-elect Weizmann. Nahum Sokolow took his place for the next four years. In 1935, Weizmann returned and was reelected to the presidency of the WZO, but his status was never quite the same. In addition, he was faced with a new and rising star in the Zionist movement - David Ben-Gurion. The latter headed the Labor Movement in Eretz Israel, whose aim was to wrest Zionism from the hands of the parties of the Center and Right. This mission was accomplished in two elections to the Zionist Congress - the eighteenth in 1933 and the nineteenth in 1935. Ben-Gurion spent the next 30 years first as head of the Zionist leadership, and afterward as prime minister of the State of Israel.



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