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The Struggle for the Establishment of the State of Israel


December 25 - January 7, 1949
Operation "Horev" (or "Ayin") in the Negev. The IDF drives the Egyptians out of all the land they captured in Eretz Israel, except for the Gaza Strip. During the operation, the IDF infiltrates into Sinai. As a result of American pressure, the IDF evacuates the captured territory.

The Jewish Agency prepares for mass absorption. Since the middle of May and until the end of the year - despite the war - 102,000 immigrants have made aliyah to Israel, an addition of 15% to the Jewish population since the founding of the State of Israel. The Department of Agricultural Settlement of the Jewish Agency establishes 28 new settlements while the battles are in progress, most of which are border settlements close to the fighting areas.



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