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In contrast to this informal networking on the Palestinian side, correspondents generally get the Israeli point of view from official sources.  The Government Press Office is charged with informing journalists of briefings with government officials and coordinating coverage of the comings and goings of the Prime Minister and the Cabinet.  The Foreign Ministry and the IDF Spokesman’s office provide access to IDF commanders and other top officials.  “We suffer from a deluge of information,” notes former Washington Post bureau chief Lee Hockstader. Others like Phil Reeves of London’s Independent newspaper acknowledge that Israel provides excellent entree to senior officials in contrast to more limited and guarded access to PA higher ups. Chris Roberts of the UK based Sky TV News service calls the Israeli official PR effort “a well oiled machine.” But there is little Israeli effort to establish personal relationships with journalists to provide them with a non-propagandistic, man-on-the-street view of events.



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