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The Hopes, Achievements and Crises


In order to help recover from the economic crisis, the Hityashvut haElef (Settlement of the Thousand) scheme proposes the creation of intensive farms with holdings for 1,000 families. (The second such scheme takes place in the 1930s.)

Following a lull in settlement activity in the Jezreel Valley, seven new settlements are set up in 1926 in the western part of the valley.

Gordonia is founded in Poland, a Zionist youth movement named after Aharon David Gordon and associated with the Young Workers Party (Mifleget haPo'el haTzair) in Eretz Israel. It establishes branches in a number of European countries, as well as in Eretz Israel.

In 1926, the Fourth Aliyah ends, having brought some 60,000 Jews to Palestine over a two-year period. It is considered the first mass aliyah, many of whose members came from Poland's middle classes. Keren Hayesod headquarters are moved from London to Jerusalem. In 1926, the famous economist and sociologist Prof. Franz Oppenheimer (who planned the first experimental cooperative settlement in Merhavya) arrives in Eretz Israel for an extended visit - at the request of the Zionist Executive - in order to observe agricultural and cooperative settlement. His report is exceptionally critical and is not well received by the settlers and most of the leadership.


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