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Behind the walls the prisoners waited impatiently. They had a quantity of explosives introduced into the prison by the underground in various ways. There was not much of it, but sufficient to blow up, from within, the heavy iron bars separating the long dark corridor from the assault group who had pierced the wall outside.

The really decisive explosion, however, was effected outside the fortress. The walls of rock, which had remained unreachable through the centuries, submitted finally to the assaults of our unit. There were more than one hundred and fifty armed police guarding the fortress, apart from the indirect defense provided by the police post close by and the military camps in the neighborhood. The high towers of the fortress were manned by guards, armed with machine guns and rifles, to whose fire the attackers were fully exposed. The attack was carried out by daylight, for the liberated prisoners had to be brought to safety before the hour of the night of the curfew on the roads.”



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