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By Beth Weiss

Pinochet's Rule

Jewish individuals were successful under Pinochet's rule from 1973-1988 also. Many returned to Chile after Allende's demise and became active in the government.

Some had been active all along in the political opposition. Marcos Chamudes owned the opposition paper P.E.C. and Angel Faivovich was a former senator. Brigadier General Jose Berdichevsky Scher was one of the Air Force officials responsible for the bombing of the presidential palace where Allende died.

Others Jewish individuals and their families were exiled, as is common among Communist governments in their branding of the enemy.

Pinochet won some favor among the Jewish community (among those not exiled) because of his views on Israel. Pinochet was a strong supporter of Israel despite the 350,000 Palestinians in the country, the largest group of Palestinians outside of the Middle East.

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