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KKL- JNF in The Land of The Negev

New Communities in The Negev and Arava


KKL-JNF began buying land in the Negev back in the Nineteen Thirties and has, since then, been engaging in its development for new communities.  The Negev currently has two hundred and twenty communities, with some seven hundred thousand inhabitants.  KKL-JNF work focuses on reclamation of land for expansion of existing communities and preparation of infrastructures for establishment of new communities and individual farms.  Apart from land reclamation, KKL-JNF also engages in the development of water sources, aid for agricultural research and development, reclamation of land for agriculture, plantings and development of tourist sites, all as an important and vital part of preparing infrastructures for communities in the Negev .

And, indeed, something good has been happening in the Negev in recent years.  After many years of a freeze in the Negev settlement process, clear signs are again appearing of action on bare hill tops within the primordial desert landscape.  First, roads are broken through from the main roads into the hills and then areas are leveled and roads are paved between them. Electricity lines are stretched out and then the trucks arrive carrying caravans and prefabricated houses, which are planted in the landscape.  Within an amazingly short time, the first families are unloading their possessions, placing their children in the local kindergarten which has already been equipped with a outside play area and life begins to beat.


Behind this momentum stands Keren Kayemeth LeIsrael-Jewish National Fund, thanks to the aid of its friends throughout the world and in cooperation with members of the young settling movement "Or Messimot".  Members of the movement, all former members of the IDF, are working in a search for new ideals and from a need to give Israel governments a reason to put into effect the tens of their resolutions regarding expansion of settlement in the Negev and in the Galilee .

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