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Bringing Israel’s Freshwater Streams Back to Life:

KKL-JNF’s Sustainable Development Policy

Inter-generational responsibility

Before the closure and diversion of springs and the reduction surface water flow by pumping, most of the water that flowed in Israel ’s freshwater streams was used by the natural forces alone. The KKL-JNF sees the supply of quality water to nature as a “settling of accounts” with Israel ’s creatures and natural systems and ensuring a healthy ecosystem for future generations.

The establishment of reservoirs and the diversion of water to streams are among the required activities for restoring the flow to perennial streams.  As such, the KKL-JNF has been given the opportunity to stipulate the diversion of some of the water held in the reservoirs it established to streams.  The building of reservoirs should therefore be seen as an infrastructure for the future supply of water to streams that will serve generations to come.

The foundation for any master plan for freshwater streams must be a policy that perceives restoration progressing independently via natural processes, with minimal human intervention. At the same time, in light of the population density in areas adjacent to streams, and the constant human impact on streams, ongoing management, monitoring, and evaluation must be part of any rehabilitation plan. The KKL-JNF will take on these activities, together with the objective of reducing to a minimum human intervention in maintenance, in order to reduce the burden on future generations and for the sake of the long-term health of Israel ’s ecosystem.

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