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 KKL-JNF Afforestation Objectives: The Preservation of Diverse and Sustainable Forests that Offers Services to the Public


The KKL-JNF places importance on the detailed planning of forests, and sees it as a tool that increases the transparency of its activities and fosters the involvement of the Israeli public in afforestation activities. The KKL-JNFs afforestation policy is based on the best available knowledge, continuous monitoring, and research that will adva nce and strengthen its approach towards the creation of sustainable forests.

The KKL-JNF will galvanize its supporters and utilize the full range of its educational activities in a proactive way to raise public awareness about forest and open space preservation.  When the need arises to launch a public effort to prevent harm to the forests and to the open spaces protected by National Master Plan No. 22, the KKL will not hesitate to lead a campaign, using all of the tools at its disposal.

The KKL-JNF, in cooperation with the best of Israel s researchers and those abroad, will adva nce forest research. The KKL-JNF will also act in concert with academic institutions to train personnel in the fields of forestry, ecology, and open space management, and it will particularly increase its efforts to create an academic course of study / degree program to train foresters who will serve the KKL-JNF in the future.

In the context of its objective to constantly improve its afforestation activities, the KKL-JNF understands the great importance of independent, external consultation and critiques of its afforestation efforts and management practices.

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