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KKL-JNF Sustainability Policy



Parallel to the shaping and implementation of a “sustainable” policy in all spheres of activity, the KKL-JNF will apply general tools for the adva ncing of sustainable development, including but not restricted to:

  1. Public involvement - Because a sustainable policy is founded on broad public-civic support, and because development is for the sake of present and future generations, the KKL-JNF will proactively initiate the involvement of the public and ensure transparency in its information and decision-making processes as an integral part of its policy implementation.
  2. Surveys and studies - The KKL-JNF will take precautionary measures in its development activity, including the drafting of environmental surveys that examine all aspects of sustainability prior to the execution of projects that have significant implications for the environment.

    Due to impact on future generations, the KKL-JNF will invest independent scientific and planning resources in research studying the long-term impact of its activities. In addition, the KKL-JNF will adopt criteria for the monitoring and utilization of indicators for measuring trends as essential tools in evaluating its work.
  3. Education - The KKL-JNF education network aspires to adva nce the vision of sustainable development within Israeli society. As such, the network will promote ecological, social-cultural, economic, and inter-generational values of sustainable development as pillars of its educational philosophy.

Comprehensive sustaining organizational policy - Because sustainable KKL-JNF development requires change in procedural practice, and because the KKL-JNF has decided to fill the role of a leading green organization, the principles of sustainable development will apply to the full gamut of its activities. The KKL-JNF executive will promote a policy compatible with sustaining principles in its policies and practices of purchasing, transportation, waste handling removal, and related activity

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