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KKL-JNF Sustainability Policy


Broadening horizons in decision-making

Applying the principles of sustainable development requires the broadening of horizons during the process of crafting policy and its implementation. In the context of consolidation of appropriate policy, the following must be taken into consideration:

  1. A multi-disciplinary analysis of KKL-JNF policy to evaluate the impact of the entirety of ecological and social parameters
  2. A broad-based analysis of KKL-JNF policy to evaluate the impact of its activities on the full range of geographic regions, from the local to the global
  3. A long-term impact analysis of KKL-JNF policy, evaluating its impact on future generations
  4. “Looking Before We Leap” - The KKL-JNF will act to shape a “sustaining” vision in all spheres of its activity.  Policies in the present will be derived from objectives set for the future.
  5. “An Applied Policy of Sustainability” - A focused policy that translates the abstract principles of sustainable development into specific criteria and concrete practices will be formulated for all spheres of KKL-JNF activity.
  6. “The Precautionary Principle” - The KKL-JNF is alert to unanticipated threats to natural treasures and the environment that are entailed in unmonitored human activity. In situations of scientific uncertainty, the KKL-JNF will act proactively to ensure that natural treasures and the environment are not harmed.

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