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KKL-JNF Sustainability Policy


 Principles of Operation


The KKL-JNF aspires to implement the four principles of sustainable development:

  1. Ecology - Caring for the ecosystem and ensuring pure air and water, moderation of weather elements, “creating” land and increasing its fertility, pollination, and other activities are vital to the existence and welfare of Israel ’s residents, as they are to humanity and life at large.

    In the absence of responsible management of natural resources, those same ecosystems in Israel upon which life is dependent will collapse under the pressures of development and the increase in population and consumption. The KKL-JNF will act to conserve and improve the capacity of nature and its ability to provide ecological services, preventing damage to them by destructive exploitation.
  2. Social-cultural - Nature and ecological services belong to the public, now and in the future. They are a cultural asset and an essential building block in Israel ’s heritage, and fill a vital role in creating social unity, along with national and civic identity.  Inadequate environmental protection as well insufficient access and enjoyment of our cultural scenery, nature, and ecological services by large segments of the population intensify social gaps and tensions.

    KKL-JNF forests are an example of services provided by nature that are free and open to all. In light of the fact that healthy development is aimed at increasing the sense of public unity and minimizing social tensions, the KKL-JNF will continue to view in nature a social-cultural resource that belongs to all, and will act to preserve, rehabilitate, and nurture it.
  3. Economic - Sustainable development seeks to establish economic development on the basis of ecological and social principles. The KKL-JNF aspires to foster economic opportunities alongside an enlightened, comprehensive strategy for using the ecosystem’s “interest”, and not its “principal”, for the benefit of the entire Israeli public. This policy should ensure livelihoods for Israel ’s citizens and serve as a significant economic asset to both local and the national government.
  4. Inter-generationality - The KKL-JNF holds in its trust for present and future generations, national lands and natural resources, and will therefore continue to act for their preservation and to prevent their acquisition by private or business interests whose aim is to profit from them in the short term.
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