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The S. Daniel Abraham Center for Strategic Dialogue

The 21st century harbors global changes which entail hopes as well as threats to world peace.  More than 30 armed conflicts still prevail at this time.  Religious fundamentalism and international terrorism are on the rise.  The global situation is dangerous and unstable. Stabilizing these conflicts is the most pressing challenge of our time.


Given today's security concerns, national policy makers need the experience of former world leaders and specialists. The principal challenge facing the world leadership today centers on ways to transform theoretical research into solution-oriented policies and actions.


In response to this challenge, former heads of state, heads of security services, academic specialists, and members of the international business community have joined forces and established the S. Daniel Abraham Center for Strategic Dialogue at Netanya College , Israel .


The aim of the Center is to bring the practical application of the knowledge and experience accumulated by world leaders to conflict-ridden areas of the globe through the adoption of realizable conflict management, instead of outmoded conflict resolution strategies.


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