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The Center for Banking Law


The goal of the Center for Banking Law established at Netanya Academic College , is to analyze, develop, and help promote understanding of legal aspects of the banking world.


The field of banking is relevant to the entire public. Banking services, for both the private sector as well as the business sector, are a necessity of life. This is the reason why banking law is a very important field in legal practice. Courts are backlogged with legal suits concerning various banking issues. Everyone who practices law encounters banking affairs and consequently must be familiar with banking law.


The idea of an academic banking center is not a new one. The novelty and exclusivity of the Center for Banking Law at Netanya Academic College in Israel , is in being a legal banking center that deals with legal aspects in the field of banking.


The Center for Banking Law deals with practical aspects of banking law. It works in cooperation with the scientific/academic community, banking and financial institutions and banking regulators, to improve the relations among them and create bilateral connections that enhance economic development and consumer protection. The Center for Banking Law is a forum where professionals in the field and academics discuss current legal banking problems and advance practical solutions to them.


The goals of the Center for Banking Law are:

* Finding and developing issues that deserve public attention.

* Encouraging academic activities and conferences.

* Holding discussions regarding current issues and publishing them for the use of banking

    professionals and other interested people.

* Preparing legislative bills.

* Training and interesting law students, as future lawyers, to engage in legal banking work.

* Lecturing in institutes for advanced legal studies and other forums.

* Encouraging research in banking law.

* Publishing articles in law journals such as the Netanya Academic College Law Review.


The director of the Center for Banking Law is Dr. Ruth Plato-Shinar, who is a senior lecturer in the School of Law and the School of Business Administration at Netanya Academic College .


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