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Netanya College 


Dear Telem Fellows

I would like to welcome you to Israel and to introduce you to a unique opportunity to integrate academic studies into your Israeli experience.


Netanya Academic College is open to students from around the world who would like to deepen their bond with Israel and Israelis while learning selected academic aspects of Law, Economics, Management, and Social Sciences, in English.


Geographically situated in the heart of Israel, our elegantly designed and spacious 12,000m modern campus encompasses over 40 study halls, computer laboratories, faculty and administrative offices, hundreds of computer terminals for Internet and database access, the library, and state-of-the-art radio and television studios.


While the college fosters loyalty to the basic Jewish values of forbearance and protection of human liberties, its progressive, open environment encourages students of all nationalities and ideologies to study together, form relationships that transcend prejudice and misconception, and work hand-in-hand to build a more tolerant society.


The distinguished faculty members of Netanya Academic College are graduates of the finest Israeli and international academic institutions and they are committed to the students academic and personal growth and to the goals of the Masa Project.


Whether you are a business major interested in Israeli hi-tech or a Jewish student seeking to reconnect with your heritage, Netanya Academic College creates a unique opportunity for you to develop your career and to work toward your degree and/or enhance your resume, while exploring Israel and experiencing its culture.


We hope that your participation in the Masa Project, combined with your personal and academic development at Netanya Academic College , will help you to realize your goals and dreams.

Prof. Zvi Arad

President of the College 


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