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Netanya Academic School of Laws



1. To provide a legal education of the highest academic quality. The program provides student with a broad theoretical understanding of legal issues in general, as well as an  understanding of the conceptual issues raised in various specific areas of law.  In addition, students receive an introduction to other academic fields which are related to law and affect how law functions in society.   


2.     To provide students with high-quality professional training.  Students are prepared for the practice of law in the world outside the walls of the academic institution.  


3.     To advance the understanding of law through legal research.  The emphasis of legal research is on the role of law in Israeli society. All members of the full-time teaching staff are also engaged in legal research.   They publish the results of their research in books and in articles in law journals in Israel and in other countries throughout the world.  In addition, they organize national and international academic conferences and participate regularly in conferences organized by others.    The School of Law publishes a law review, Scales of Justice.  This is a "juried" publication; articles are accepted only after positive review by leading academics outside of the College.  Honor students work with their instructors in editing articles for publication in this journal.


4.     To provide students with the capability to conduct sophisticated legal research.  The School aims to provide a background in legal research techniques that will allow the best students to continue their studies on the graduate level in institutions in Israel and abroad and, eventually, to become active members of the community of legal scholars. 


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