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Netanya Academic School of Laws

The Campus


The campus is situated in the Yitzhak Rabin Section of Netanya, at 1 University Street , and consists of two central buildings.


The existing campus sprawls over some 40,000 square meters ; another 90,000 square meters are allocated for future construction.  The beautiful Sergeants' Forest is contiguous with the campus, which borders its northern and western edges.  The campus and the forest together will cover an area of 430,000 square meters .


The first building was constructed in 1995; the second, in 1998.  The buildings include 50 lecture halls, a library containing 100,000 books and extensive computer resources,  study halls, instructors' offices, computer labs, the Motorola lab for computer engineering, a business administration laboratory equipped for conducting business and financial transactions, a radio and television studio, a broadcasting radio station, editing rooms, a cafeteria, a book store, an auditorium with raised seating, an amphitheater equipped to seat 1000 people, an area for performances for 3000 people, and sports fields for tennis, basketball, volleyball and soccer. A swimming pool, fitness center, and saunas are under construction.


Future plans include construction of dormitories, expansion of the library and the construction of a Faculty Senate Hall.


The campus has a parking lot for 1000 cars.  

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