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Anti-Semitism and Racism


Holocaust Commemoration

Argentina's Catholic Church paid tribute to the victims of the Holocaust and of terrorist bombings in Buenos Aires, in April. Cardinal Primate Antonio Quarrachino unveiled a Holocaust memorial in one of the chapels of the National Cathedral. Quarracino said that discriminating against Jews was a sin against the laws of God and man. Holocaust memorials were also being erected in the provinces of Chaco and Tucum?n.

Jewish Assets and Nazi Gold

The DAIA participated in the efforts of the World Jewish Congress to investigate and recover funds stolen from Jews during the Holocaust and deposited in Swiss banks. The DAIA was also an active member of the new commission set up in Argentina by the government and the foreign ministry to investigate Nazis who entered Argentina during and after World War II. Their bank accounts are to be investigated also in the search for Nazi gold. DAIA president, Rubén Beraja, who also serves as president of the Latin American Jewish Congress (CJL), was one of forty delegates from various countries who participated in the London Conference on Nazi Gold which was convened by the British Foreign Office, in December 1997. The DAIA is a member of the committee set up by the Ministry of Education to plan the construction of a national monument to the memory of the Holocaust.

Proyecto Testimonio

This project, launched by the DAIA in 1992 and operated though their Centro de Estudios Sociales, received a fresh impetus in the last year. The aim of the project is to investigate the history of Argentina in the period between 1930-60, including the Nazi penetration of the country, their source of funds, their activities, and the aid they received from government officials. Other aspects concern the rejection of, and discrimination against, Jews and the reaction of the public during this period. A book containing the findings of the investigation was due to be published in 1998. An archive is also to be established.

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