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Anti-Semitism and Racism


The trends present in 1996 in extremist movements and hate groups in Argentina continued into 1997. Small groups, such as Partido Nuevo Triunfo (New Triumph Party) and Partido Nacionalista Constitucional (National Constitutional Party) lost most of their popular support and became relatively isolated.

Violence and Vandalism

The repeated desecration of Jewish cemeteries was the most evident manifestation of anti-Semitism in 1997. In the Jewish cemetery of Rosario on the eve of Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur, September 29 and October 4, many tombs were desecrated. When the president of the DAIA branch in Rosario, Dr. Gustavo Issak, denounced these acts, the police detained one adult and four youngsters.

Thirty-five graves were vandalized on the night of December 24 in the La Tablada cemetery, and 19 in the Liniers cemetery on the night of December 31. The DAIA leadership suspected local Buenos Aires policemen who had been discharged from the force with its reform following revelations of police corruption. 


There was no increase in the extremist literature produced by nationalist right-wing groups. Vehemently anti-Semitic material, published by the Verdad y Justicia (Truth and Justice) movement, was uncovered when four people were arrested for the cemetery desecration in La Tablada on October 19, 1996. Other cases initiated by the DAIA will come to trial under Anti-discrimination Law No. 23,592 of the Argentine penal code.

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