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Promotion and defense of Rights:


Claims made to the corresponding governmental organization/s about the fulfillment of existing legislation regarding:


            Transport and accessible housing.

            Placing of ramps.

            Adaptation of access to public buildings.

            Fulfillment of the 4% quota of employment for people with disabilities.

            School integration.




Orientation and referral of people, families and institutions:


Our daily task is to direct institutions, people or families that have a member with a disability and have difficulties in choosing the best care center, for health, education, socialization, etc., depending on the disability of each person. We work with personal or family interviews depending on the case.


It is the permanent priority of this Department to improve the quality of life of people with different abilities.


Academic Training


This Department is committed to the specialization and training of the professionals related to disabilities.


Thus, during the course of the year, Seminars, Lectures and Conferences about the subject of disability together with governmental and non-governmental organizations. Some such being, the University of Buenos Aires, University of Palermo and the Government of the City of Buenos Aires, among others.


More information about Training.


Network Co-ordination


Our Department co-ordinates the Network of Institutions that deal with people with disabilities in the Jewish Community within their multiple activities offering advice, orientation and training.

Activities run together with the participating organizations:


Summer Camp of the Government of the City of Buenos Aires

Pessach Seder

Rosh Ha-Shana

Spring Day

Commemoration if the International Day of Disabled people


Activities of different types with each depending on demand, that is, technical support, training of institutional leaders, etc.


Lending of Orthopedic Implements


The department lends, free of charge and temporarily, orthopedic implements such as wheelchairs, crutches, tripods and walking frames to those persons who, due to their condition of needy, cannot buy or rent them.

This bank of implements is self-sufficient thanks to donations.


We seek the collaboration of all those people who can lend or donate any type of implement.

Tel: 4959-8817 E-mail: discapacidad@amia.org.ar


Participation in Governmental and Non-Governmental organizations:


The department of disability is a founding member of the Evaluative Committee of Following Law 25,280 - Inter-American Convention for the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination of People with Disabilities - and is an official representative of the department of special needs in the Council of Girls, Boys and Adolescents Rights.


It also works with:


  • National General Auditing

  • Honorable National Senate

  • CONADIS National Consultancy Commission for the Integration of Disabled People

  • National Housing Commission

  • National Transport Secretary

  • Government of the City of Buenos Aires

  • CTA Argentine Workers Union

  • Arquidiócesis Archbishop of Buenos Aires

  • Forum for the rights of the people with disabilities


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