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The foundation of the Asociación Mutual Israelita Argentina, AMIA goes back to 1894. Its first activities were destined to generate the necessary conditions for compliance with the Halacha (Jewish Law) and to be Jewish tradition, therefore one of its first actions was to found a community cemetery. Within a short period of time, the activities grew, multiplied and diversified, accompanied by the arrival of successive migratory contingents.


In the 1920´s the Jewish population in the country grew and integrated into society, becoming more professional and prospering; it then became a space for the expression and participation of all Argentine Jewry. The pressure from this growth was reflected in the building plans inaugurated in 1945.


In 1994, to commemorate the centenary of its creation, AMIA organised a series of celebrations that were interrupted on July 18th. Murdering hands placed a bomb in the symbolic headquarters of the Argentine Jewish Community. The memory of the 85 dead people and the hundreds of wounded and survivors of the massacre are still present among us.


The bomb brought about a new era. The creative force of a community ready to preserve the legacy of a rich cultural tradition and honour the memory of the victims of irrational hatred, was installed over the debris.

In 1999, at Pasteur 633, the new headquarters of the AMIA was inaugurated. Passing through the new building, one can find the same institutions that inhabited the original building and others who have joined recently to carry on building history, together.


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