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The Ben Gurion Years
Ben Gurion Centenary 1886-1986

Major Simulations (2048 Crisis: Israel & the UN - A Resolution of Support )


- Recreate and convey principles and dilemmas reflected in the
text of Israel's Declaration of Independence through simulation and comparison.

Age - 15 upwards
Time - ninety minutes (creative option two hours; variation one hour)
No. of participants - 30 or more

Note: The activity contains a simpler variation (below).

A. Outline

The activity comprises two parallel simulation games with each group working simultaneously, but on different decisions, with the aid of background material. It is set in the year 2048. One group is the Security Council of the United Nations Organization (16 people or 16 delegations); the other group is an Israeli inner Cabinet (14 participants minimum).


It is the week before Pesach in the spring of 2048. Since the previous Rosh Hashana, the Knesset, the Israeli media and education system have been highlighting the fact that it is 100 years since the State was born. Israel wants to use this opportunity to present a resolution in the UN which would acknowledge this event and recognize the importance of the achievements of the past 100 years.

I. U.N
At the same time, the Arab and non-aligned states are intending to try to create turmoil in the General Assembly - and attempt to have Israel expelled from the UN. There is a large bloc of countries which believe that Israel should exist in the Middle East for various reasons - Biblical, religious, strategic, humanitarian, sociological. The proposed resolution is brought to the Security Council for a decision. A Security Council Resolution must have a two-thirds majority in order to be passed (i.e., 10 out of the 15 members must vote for a resolution). The Israeli delegation is allowed to lobby. If any country decides to veto the resolution, it will automatically not pass.

II. Israel
Meanwhile in Israel, there has been an outcry over the United Nations controversy and a demand to produce a document describing the State's raison d'etre. This would be a sort of revised Declaration of Independence, which would reflect the feelings prevalent in the country and respect - but not be dictated by - the principles of the United Nations resolutions passed to date. This document would be passed to the Security Council by the Israeli delegation in order to help the Israeli lobby.

B. Procedure

1. Explain the above to the participants. Add that an Israeli delegate to the UN sits in the inner Cabinet and can move between the two groups and that the Israel lobby to the UN can also consult with the Prime Minister if need be.

2. Divide the group into the two totally separate work groups and allocate madrichim who assist them in choosing their roles and generally facilitate negotiations within each group between the various factions. The instructions are included in the activity.

3. Before starting work on the two documents, each group has at least five minutes for studying documents, trying to see who's who and discussing ideas with them.

4. Lobbying and negotiation starts in each group and this can take up to 40 minutes.

5. Bring the two groups together. There is then a presentation of what has happened and documents or statements and/or resolutions.

6. Copies of the Declaration of Independence are then distributed and the facilitator raises the issues detailed on the accompanying sheet.

7. The group is redivided into the six subgroups (parties) (see sheet) and does the creative activities as described. This is followed by a presentation.

C. Variation

Divide participants into 6 groups of 5 to 7. Each group represents one of the Israeli parties and has to prepare its submission to the Prime Minister for a resolution, based on a formula it believes will be acceptable to the UN and which reflects their own "mission statement" about Israel.

In order to do this effectively, they should each start by making a sign for their table, then list the major points they wish to include and some ideas for the actual wording, posted on large sheets of paper. [20 mins.]

Next, bring the group together and review the postings. Pick out the controversial issues and the elements of consensus.

Each participant now checks what is and what is not in the original Declaration of Independence out of the items which appear in their own work.

Redivide the groups so that one person from each original group is in each of the new ones [5x6 or 6x6 or 7x6]. The assignment is to produce a document for each group. Graphic elements may be added; documents may be rolled, candles melted for wax, edges burnt for effect...

Ceremonial signing of each document by the members of each group in front of the entire group; post the documents on the walls.


Large hall or two rooms with chairs, tables, signs for delegations.

Role Descriptions for each group
Copies of the Declaration of Independence - for each participant.
Copies of the instructions and documents for each group.

Pens, paper, pencils, erasers, white out, large sheets or Bristol paper, felt tip markers, sticky tape and masking tape.

Creative Extension Activity:

Copy of party position for each group.
Poster board, more felt tips, glue, scissors, more poster paper,
Letraset or computer graphics, rulers, cutters;
Extra rooms
Photocopier / computer - optional;

D. List of Documents


I. UN group

* List of who voted for partition in 1947
* List of Security Council members in 2048
* Quotations from the UN Charter
* Quotations from the Universal Declaration of Human Rights
* Quotations from the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights and the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights.
* Instructions

II. Israeli Inner Cabinet Group

* List of Members of Cabinet
* Quotations from UN Charter; from the Declaration of Human Rights;
* Covenants on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights and Civil and
* Political Rights; UN Resolution 242.
* Instructions

III. All participants

* Evaluation documents

E. Evaluation

Use the text of Israel's Declaration of Independence and the questions provided.


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