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Kfar Gil'adi

Kibbutz in Upper Galilee, south of Metulla.

Founded in 1916, on Jewish Colonization Association land, by "HaShomer" (watchman Association) members. It is named afater Yisrael Giladi - one of "HaShomer" founders.

In 1920, after the Arab attack on Tel Hai*, Kfar Giladi was temporarily abandoned (see also Anti-Jewish Riots in 1920 and in 1921). 10 months later, the settlers returned. In 1926, the settlements of Kfar Giladi and Tel Hai merged. Members of Kfar Giladi took an active part in the "Illegal Immigration" across the nearby border. The kibbutz served also as a base for the Palmach.

In 1990, the kibbutz had some 700 inhabitants. Its economy is based on agriculture, metal processing plant, building material quarry and resort accomodation.  


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