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The Southern Golan

Nahal El Al

The Southern Golan enjoys panoramic views of the Sea of Galilee. Nahal El Al is one of many rivers found in the area. Nahal El Al is the southernmost of the perennial rivers on the Golan. Between the moshavim Avnei Eitan and Eli Ad, are two famous waterfalls: the Black Waterfall, whose water falls on black basalt rock, and the White Waterfall, whose water falls on white limestone rock. Olive, pomegranate, and other fruit trees are scattered about in the area. The top of the While Waterfall is a great observation point. A large pool of water is found at the bottom of the White Falls. Nearby are the ruins of an abandoned Syrian Village, Hushenia; one can climb to the top of the minaret of the crumbling mosque. From the highest top balcony (which has no fence ) there is a great view of the surrounding Golan Heights.

Mitzpe Ofir

Mitzpe Ofir, a particularly restful site, offers an impressive view of the Kinerret and the Galilee. The site was established in memory of Ofir Sha’al of Moshav Givat Yoav by his father, Jimmy, with the assistance of the Jewish National Fund. A grove of 16 olive trees was planted there, one for each year of Ofir’s life.

Kfar Nahum (Capurnaum)

An important Jewish city existed here during the Hellenistic and Roman periods. Impressive archeological remains from that period include buildings, pillars, capitals, lintels, etc. Near a residential quarter built of black basalt stones, are the ruins of a splendid late 2nd- or early 3rd-century synagogue, made primarily of marble and limestone. A Corinthian capital is adorned with symbols of a menora and a shofar, architectural fragments contain the Magen David (David's Shield), floral ornaments and the benches of the elders. The lateral nave has four reconstructed columns. The second from the right carries a Greek inscription honoring the Jewish donors.

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